The #1 top rated DMV approved driver improvement course in Charlottesville, VA. Since 1994 we’ve helped over 11,000 students succeed. We offer the state & court required 8 hour class.


Location: Sleep Inn & Suites
1185 5th St SW, Charlottesville, VA 22902
Time: 8:00AM to 4:30PM (lunch at noon)

OPEN DOOR WALK-IN POLICY – It’s easy. Just show up for class. Bring $75.00 (CASH ONLY) & your valid photo ID. We are not a 3-fail DMV written exam retake course!

Clean & comfortable classroom setting with regular breaks!

🔴🟡🟢  FAST 24-HOUR DMV PROCESSING. We notify the DMV so you get credit ASAP.  ðŸŸ¢ðŸŸ¡ðŸ”´

In 25+ years we have only cancelled a class once (due to snow). So rest assured our doors will be open on your chosen class date! Call our 24/7 info hotline anytime (434) 293-5377 to see if there are any last minute changes due to winter weather, etc.

Our driver improvement course is the VA state & court required minimum 8-hour in person class. Reasons people take our class include: Court ordered, dismiss traffic tickets, avoid license suspension, earn +5 DMV safety points or get auto insurance discounts.

Course topics include:

  • laws of the road
  • emergency braking & steering
  • alcohol & drugs
  • night driving
  • adverse weather
  • communication

Through the use of videos, workbook exercises, lecture and general discussion, our goal is to provide drivers with the necessary information and updated driving techniques to improve their awareness, skill, and decision making while driving.

Reasons to take our class:

  • Improve your VA driving record
  • Fast 24-hour DMV processing
  • Up to +5 DMV safety points
  • Ticket dismissal or reduction
  • Avoid DMV license suspension
  • Get VA driver license reinstated
  • Safe driver insurance discounts
  • Become a better safer driver

Approved by Virginia DMV